La Prensa Texas: Program Proposal Seniors in Play

As people advance in age, they gain more opportunities to experience significant life events. Whether the occurrences are positive or negative, there are a lot of benefits to sharing these events with others. Not only can they provide entertainment or education for the audience, they may also grant relief to the people telling the story.

Relatives and other readers aren’t the only ones who can benefit when seniors write their memoirs, however. The exercise can be just as enjoyable for writers, and may even support their health. According to PsychCentral, keeping a journal can boost well-being in a number of ways. Perhaps the most obvious is in allowing writers to get their thoughts in order. People who write down the events of their lives are better able to make sense of them and the emotions that result. With that clarity may come a sense of calm. The source reported that writing frequently can help relieve stress and allow people to see things from others’ perspectives, making them more effective at solving conflicts.

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