Ever Dream of Being an Actor?

What to Expect In Class

Tony Plana developed a comprehensive 48 -hour course that guides seniors through an innovative and playful theatrical program, encouraging them to use the dramatic exploration of personal identity in order to develop confidence, communication and expression.

Course participants can look forward to exploring various dramatic texts (including Shakespeare), learn about creative writing and reflective journaling and of course – acting!

Each SIP course lasts for 3 months, meeting twice a week for 2 hours each time, totaling a 48- hour program.

Ready to Get Started?

As people advance in age, they gain more opportunities to experience significant life events.
Whether the occurrences are positive or negative, there are a lot of benefits to sharing these
events with others. Not only can they provide entertainment or education for the audience, they
may also grant relief to the people telling the story. Many seniors are realizing the benefits of making their stories heard by writing memoirs.