“It is a worthwhile, and very rewarding endeavor, and inspires much needed self-reflection, as well as being a lot of fun! Thank you, Bill and Tony, for allowing me to be a part of Senior Planet’s Seniors in Play!”

I love trying on new characters and practicing becoming someone else. I have learned many things and acting techniques from Bill and Tony. Tony gets to the core of what acting is and how to do it.

Thankfully I found Seniors in Play, which challenges me and allows me to have a creative outlet and have a social life. Seniors in Play has shown me that you can never be too mature in age to make new friends.

Challenging? You bet! Tony and Bill are unbelievably good at assessing where each of us is and then individualizing the instruction so that we have the tools to take our understanding and skill to the next level. These days we meet through Zoom; but even in the confines of my own home, for two hours, twice a week, there is no room in my thoughts for anything but how to make the scenes real and believable.  I always come away energized and ready to tackle whatever the day has in store.

“After the pandemic hit, the group’s focus transformed into doing online acting for the “Brady Bunch”-like miniature screen. That unexpected potential setback has proved fortunate in that it kicked up our acting quality by orders of magnitude. Now we geographically-remote cast members are required to interact in a more obviously intimate fashion. In addition to Tony, the professionals who have come aboard have helped us novices to embody character and effectively communicate motivation. SIP is a priceless resource for those learning to speak, move, and create relationships with each other and with audiences.”

I love San Antonio and really love Seniors in Play, where I never stop learning. I have met so many nice and interesting and talented people in SIP.

“A short time ago I learned that Bill Gundry was hosting a Senior Planet acting class and was mentored by Tony Plana. I knew I had to be involved. Watching the others in class improve weekly was a thrill, and working with Bill and Tony was a real pleasure. I can’t always make class, but do if at all possible. I do know now that one never loses the love of entertaining. It is so addicting.

I have been with Seniors in Play for 4 years. At first, I was apprehensive, but Tony Plana and Bill Gundry gave me confidence and courage to step outside my comfort zone. I encourage seniors to just try acting to see if it’s your forte. You might be amazed and surprised.

“When I attended my first SIP class, I read my very first monologue and it felt incredible. Bill Gundry, our director was so positive and encouraging. Being a member of this group has improved my self-confidence tremendously. It’s also great for cognitive development. I have made great friends who are very supportive. I’m so thankful to Bill Gundry and Tony Plana for providing me with this magnificent opportunity. “